m-cult’s Maunula collaborations is a residency programme that brings artists to create new work in dialogue with individuals and communities of the Maunula neighbourhood of northern Helsinki. So far over 30 international and Finnish artists have co-produced projects together with over 400 participants. The events have reached thousands of visitors in Maunula and internationally.

The programme started in 2016-18 within the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP), an ambitious transnational project focusing on collaborative and socially engaged art, supported by Creative Europe. Locally, the project was kicked off as one of the ’Helsinki model’ art pilots in Helsinki suburbs, supported by Helsinki Cultural Office. Since 2020, the programme continues with long-term productions that aim to build collectively shared resources to the neighbourhood (Maunula Commons).

The residency programme is produced by Helsinki-based media and collaborative art agency m-cult.  Local partners include the Maunulan Mediapaja, Saunabaari community centre, Maunula-house and the Maunulan Sanomat newspaper.

This site is in Finnish, dedicated to our local audiences and participants. Check our vimeo channel and read more about our projects in English on the m-cult website!

For more information, contact
Minna Tarkka, director, m-cult
Tuukka Haapakorpi, producer, m-cult